Do you know how to remove makeup properly?


If the cleansing oil you are using now starts to grow on your face and your skin condition is getting worse, you must review the cleansing oil you are using and stop using it immediately. After using the cleansing oil, it is best to use the cleansing product to wash it again. Don't let the cleansing oil stay on the skin for too long, especially people with oily skin and acne, not to be lazy and save this step.

Removing Makeup from Blemish-Prone Skin

Now tell you how to use cleansing oil correctly:


Step1 Press four times to remove the oil. If the amount is too much, the pores will be clogged due to poor cleaning and the formation of acne.


Step2 Massage with dry hands and face for 1 minute. Make sure to fully blend the makeup and remover. Then massage the whole face carefully, paying attention to the small areas.


step3 add water emulsification massage for half a minute to 1 minute in circular motions, the action should be gentle, so as not to damage the skin, the emulsification is completed to push the deep dirt out of the skin


Step4 Rinse with clean water must be rinsed with warm water. Using cold water will shrink the pores and cause dirt to remain in the pores.




Common mistakes Misuse of cleansing oil:


First, dip in cleansing oil on wet palms and emulsify before using cleansing oil.


Secondly, if you don’t massage your face lightly, the cleansing oil can’t dissolve the make-up and rinse off with water.


Third, do not add water to emulsify, but wipe off the cleansing oil directly with dry facial tissue.