Fullerene Masks work wonderfully


Speaking of facial mask, I believe we are all familiar with it. For many people who love skin care, it is not necessary to reduce the skin care artifact! But today we are going to talk about a new type of facial mask, which contains a substance known as the "anti-sun king", with super anti-aging, whitening, wrinkle, repair effect, yes, it is fullerene mask.


A fullerene mask is one that adds this stuff called fullerene. Some people say that fullerene have 172 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C, 50 times that of SOD, and 200 times more than plant polyphony. That's why fullerene are being touted as the new "king of aging." It is also because of the addition of fullerene, fullerene mask in anti-aging, whitening, tender and other aspects of skin repair performance is more significant.


How does fullerene mask work? Many people think fullerene are the "king of anti-aging," so they're definitely better than regular face masks. In particular, fullerene masks produced by our company are excellent in skin penetration, skin repair and skin water retention.