How to use facial mask correctly


1. Start With a Clean Face 

A proper cleanse will prep your skin for sheet mask , gentle exfoliation makes sure your skin can soak up every bit of the mask’s serum. 

2. Keep a Straight Face

Align the holes of the mask properly with your eyes, nose and mouth. If your sheet mask has eye flaps, cut them off and put them in the fridge for a bit. 

3. Good ‘Til the Last Drop

Sheet masks usually have way too much serum, so use it to your advantage! Squeeze excess serum into a small container and massage it into your chest, neck, hands or even feet.

4. Timing is Everything

When it comes to masks, longer is not always better. Sheet masks create a barrier that prevents evaporation and ensures your skin receives maximum benefit from the active ingredients. But if left on too long, the mask will dry out and can suck moisture out of your skin. 20-30 minutes is plenty!

5. The Rub Down

After you peel the mask off, take the time to massage with your fingers to  help absorption.

6. Seal it Tight!

Once the serum has fully absorbed into your skin, apply a light moisturizer. This will help create a moisture barrier to seal in those active ingredients.

Happy masking!