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About Us

Hong Kong Outai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. adheres to the value-creating service concept, and is committed to the import and export business of household goods and other household goods based on China's strong manufacturing industry.

We have established a good image of honesty, trustworthiness and win-win cooperation, and established long-term trading partnerships with customers from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, especially with our more than 20 years of international trade experience, and enjoy a good reputation worldwide.

Hong Kong Outai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to professionalism and creation. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and create a better future.

The factory adopts standardized 6s management, A-level GMP production standards, multiple automated production lines, and masters high-tech biochemical technology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, liquid crystal microemulsification technology, BFP fermentation technology, etc. Standardized test equipment includes chromatograph measurement, visual and olfactory measurement, specific gravity measurement, refractive index measurement, acid measurement, hydroxyl value measurement, iodine value measurement, saponification value measurement, heavy metal measurement and content measurement to ensure stable product quality.

Data standardization advantage

The enterprise adopts big data management system in the whole process from market research, formulation research and development, clinical testing, mass production, static observation, market tracking feedback, etc., to establish a big data database, track and analyze data, and build products. Data model and establish new standards for industrial product production management. The company conducts big data analysis and collection on the dynamics of the operating industries, market changes and consumer demand changes. The data transmission research and development center conducts data matching to guide effective research and development.

Advantages of system management

The company has established seven operation management centers, namely brand operation management center, marketing center, R&D and production center, customer service center, big data management center, business school education center, e-commerce development center, market-oriented and customer-oriented As the center, unit management, online and offline interaction, create a three-dimensional service management system.

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